Sustainable recycling solutions for the protection of raw materials

Because we love our environment!

Efficient raw material extraction for maximum recycling

We live recycling!

Recycling solutions
- worldwide, certified and sustainable.


We are recycling specialists for the collection of used ink cartridges, toner cartridges, CDs/DVDs and Blue-ray discs, including the subsequent preparation for reuse or material recycling.

As part of an international group of companies, we benefit from a connected network of specialized partners that has been continuously expanded and optimized over many years. In this network, we act quickly and dynamically - essential in an industry that is regularly confronted with new challenges.


Solutions: Smart collection solutions that simply fit.


Our solutions cover the entire process, from collection and return systems up to waste transport logistics and professional acceptance, sorting and processing for reuse and recycling.


We attach importance to ensure that the return and thus the access to our recycling solutions is particularly simple and convenient for the consumer.  

Collection system for the public sector – over 2,000 recycling centres throughout Germany.


  • very good and nationwide accessibility
  • highest quality standards
  • agile processes for optimal recycling
  • simple, professional and fast


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Logo The Red Box

Collection system for companies and organisations with practical webshop and recycling certificate.


  • 2 different boxes
  • transparent all-inclusive price for transport, sorting, recycling and disposal
  • certified and legally compliant service


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Our mission – our environment


We want to increase recycling efficiency and continuously promote the circular economy.


  • with precise processes that enable a maximum recycling rate
  • by getting more people excited about our system and encouraging them to join in
  • with the best possible accessibility and easy handling of our solutions

Standards: Our work fulfils highest quality standards.


We are a certified initial treatment facility for preparation for reuse in accordance with the ElektroG and a certified waste management company.



Are you looking for a new job? We are not only engage in recycling and environmental protection - we also want to live it in what we do. Contacts all over the world are the basis of our work. Top service is our daily work and the order of our business.


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